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enhanced focus, extended-release energy, and no crash. experience a new kind of productivity.

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Energy, optimized.


Accomplish more with less.

Accomplish more with less.

our patent-pending formulas combine a low dose of caffeine with nootropics, giving you a consistent flow of energy lasting twice as long as regular energy drinks. experience long-lasting mental clarity and an uninterrupted flow-state.

  • What does adrafül feel like?

    Unlike traditional energy drinks, adrafül isn’t going to slap you in the face. It feels a lot more “natural” — as if you just had the world's best night of sleep. Once you begin intellectually-tasking work, you’ll notice that problem-solving becomes more natural, you'll be more motivated to stay at the desk, and you'll effortlessly flow through your work. Adrafül was designed with the goal of promoting productivity and prolonging time spent in the flow state; we accomplished this by extracting all the positive benefits of caffeine and optimizing them with nootropics.

  • How do you pronounce adrafül?


  • How long does shipping take?

    Shipping is handled by our warehouse partners in Kansas City, KS and usually takes between 2-5 days to arrive at your doorstep.

  • Where are your drinks produced?

    Adrafül is proudly produced in the USA. endurance, our energy drink, is produced in Southern California, while cafe is produced on New Hampshire’s coast. Our partner facilities have decades of experience in crafting beverages.